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A visionary leader and dedicated collaborator who uses creativity to mix visual branding, storytelling, and user experience to deliver results-driven, future-forward growth marketing.
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In our 3.0 world, relying on market-shaped variables like supply to determine demand is like using a paintbrush or typewriter to create the audience-driven metaverse. The pressure on CEOs and founders to grow and evolve their businesses as rapidly as the warp-speed digital marketplace isn’t a bit challenging; it’s exponentially more daunting today than ever before.
This is where Pete and his mission come in. By combining the unique power of human creativity and curiosity with leading-edge analytics and technology, Pete empowers fellow founders and forward-thinking business leaders to uncover transformative possibilities, paving the way to unconventional paths to growth.
Pete’s Backstory
At nine years old, Pete was the kind of kid who found taking computers apart and putting them back together fun. A digital native on steroids, “Pete the Geek” started coding at 13, consulted for global companies in high school, and launched Digital Surgeons from his dorm room. 

Since 2004, Pete has been the founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of Digital Surgeons, a creative consultancy that launched on $5,000 and today is a thriving 8-figure organization that employs more than 50 people and is housed in the innovative, comprehensive coworking ecosystem District, co-founded by Pete. He and his team have created award-winning work for innovators from Lady Gaga to United Technologies and the US Open and countless organizations from start-ups to scale-ups. Pete has also helped numerous companies from early fundraising to IPO, collectively raising more than $100 million for various client-partners over the years. 
Pete Consulting and advising
This leads you to the most important part of Pete’s backstory: it’s all about being forward-obsessed. He chooses to place his passionate, purpose-driven focus on leveraging the power of design and technology to make the world a better place. This is Pete’s Ikigai — the thing that gets him out of bed in the morning. By improving people's businesses and increasing their bottom-lines with next-level design, Pete helps people and organizations build affluence and influence — so they can pay their success forward.

Helping as many people and businesses as possible use their power for good takes Pete’s origin story full-circle. Pete is also a Venture Mentor at Yale University and an entrepreneur-in-residence at his alma mater, the University of Connecticut, in the Technology Incubation Program. 

Pete believes…


Connected curiosity unlocks creativity, possibility, and breakthroughs.

Go to zero to epiphany by questioning what you think you know.

Ideas are nothing without action.

Dream forward and work backward — the future is executed, not merely envisioned.

People over pixels.

Design for humans, period.

Progress over perfection.

Incremental innovation wins. 
Pete Sena giving an inspiring presentation

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