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// Jan 21, 2020

Pete Sena - Keynote Speaker Reel

// January 20, 2019

SKO19 Design Thinking Training Workshop Recap

Meet Pete Sena

Force Multiplier | Dot Connector | Keynote Speaker
Unleashing curiosity + creativity to unlock new possibilities for business growth.
2020 Speaking Reel
Pete’s mission is to empower ambitious individuals and visionary organizations to design demand and engineer growth by remixing tried and true strategies with unconventional thinking for human-centric, future-forward, inspiring work and results.
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Founder. Entrepreneur. Partner.

From his college dorm room over 15 years ago, where he founded Digital Surgeons (DS), Pete Sena has been geeking out over repairing broken connections between curiosity and creativity. As CEO of DS, a global innovation company, he’s helped countless partner-clients think forward through experience design, creative marketing, and digital business model transformation. 

Advisor. Mentor. Changemaker.

Pete is also a co-founder of District, an economy-boosting coworking ecosystem and home to the inclusive alternative tech learning program, Holberton. A sought-after keynote speaker and design thinking workshop leader, Pete has helped leaders at PepsiCo, LEGO, and Yale University, among many others, connect the pixels to put ideas into action.

Change always is.

Let Pete help you know the path + walk the path.

Work with Pete


Pete is known for his incredible powers of creative mixology, where he brings together illustrations and inspiration from seemingly disparate sources and disciplines for high-energy, interactive, and inspiring presentations. Every keynote includes a virtual post-event sprint.


Making breakthrough connections through creativity and curiosity is a learnable skill, and Pete can teach you how to do it. In a customized workshop setting, he uses the best design thinking tools and activities to spark innovation and map a course forward for your brand or business.

Events & Activations

Not just an expert in experience design, Pete is also a seasoned designer of experiences. Let Pete create and implement a customized special event to take your company to the next level, featuring multiple opportunities to envision and enact transformation — plus a whole lot of fun. 

Consulting & Advisory

Every hero has their secret weapon. Pete partners with executives, founders, and entrepreneurs to scale challenges and accelerate progress. From a solid sounding board to an invaluable board advisor, he provides both a seasoned perspective and fresh outlook to help your business forge new pathways to success.
In Their Own Words

What others are saying

"Pete is a brilliant entrepreneurial marketer with true passion for insights, design and innovation. And all of this is reflected at Digital Surgeons, the company he founded and leads. I particularly appreciate that everything always starts from studying and identifying the key insights, which in turn lead the creative strategy and design. Pete and his team are great partners and I feel lucky having the opportunity to work together."

Eugenio Perrier

Former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Sabra Dipping Company

"We were looking for a strategic partner that would develop innovative activations steeped in data-backed insights and found it with Digital Surgeons. They showed us that they know how to leverage the strong legacy of our brand with fresh ideas that will help position us for a new generation."

Alex Boucher

Former B2C Marketing Manager Unilever / Elizabeth Arden

"In order to create something truly revolutionary, one needs to be completely emotionally vested in the creation. And that is exactly what I got from Digital Surgeons. I truly felt I wasn’t in it alone – DS was in it with me all the way. I couldn’t ask for anything more."

Sal Syed

CEO, Arccos Golf 

Experience Pete


Why Having a Ferrari Taste on a Honda Budget Drives Failure for Otherwise Savvy Brands


An ode to No-Code from an old-school coder and design snob

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Forward Obsessed: Christiane Paul x Pete Sena

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